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Healing and support for those wounded by the Religious Right

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The Great Physician's Office

Today there's religion abounding,
Old casks of watered-down wine.
The wolves wear such dapper disguises,
Only I know the hearts that are Mine.
But I still heal the sick and the broken,
And I stand with those no one defends.
I still want no part of religion,
But sinners are always My friends.
And you know that it's true by My Spirit in you,
I've always got time for My friends.

- Don Francisco; Time for My Friends


Whether you're a Christian or not, chances are high you've been insulted, angered, or wounded by a neo-Conservative follower of Religious Right. There are excellent communities devoted to combating the darkness of the Dominionism, and support for various alternate groups, but nothing which I've seen that is devoted solely to the recovery and healing from the damage these people cause. All posts are automatically friendlocked for your protection, and membership to the community is moderated to prevent trolling.

WHO IS WELCOME__________________________________

Are you tired of being marginalized and belittled in your faith by others who profess to serve God because you don't share in the belief that it is just and right to shun and persecute those of different lifestyles and beliefs? Are you weary of coming under attack because you support equal rights for all, gay marriage, and consideration for other beliefs? Do you find your tongue bleeding after listening to fellow Christians in your life due to biting it repeatedly when they advocate behavior which is at best mean-spirited and hateful? Have you gone home in tears with a sore heart from these encounters?

Then welcome. Please continue reading through the rules below, and join.

Do you walk a different path of beliefs? Are you bitter and weary from being made to feel like a terrible person by the Religious Right? Have you been attacked by complete strangers for your beliefs? And you know that not all Christians are like this, and you're facing difficulty not taking it out on your friends?

Then welcome. Please continue reading through the rules below, and join.

Are you appalled by the path the world is on, by the Religious Right and dominionism? Do you find yourself wanting to scream 'get off my side, you make my side look stupid!' when you hear about the acts of hatred and malice committed by these "God-fearing Christians" in His name? Perhaps you've been spared the emotional battery and spiritual abuse so many others have encountered firsthand, but want to reach out and help people, and offer ministery and healing. Perhaps you don't identify as Christian, but have a strength of knowledge in the languages in which the words were originally written, or Biblical history and theology which you feel may help others find solid ground on which to stand.

If so, then welcome. Please continue reading through the rules below, and join.

If you're still reading this far and you believe that people should be forced to say "Merry Christmas", that Christianity is under attack and in danger of extinction, if you believe the Religious Right is right, and you want to come in and set the dirty leftist fag-lovers straight, you're not welcome here. We've received enough abuse from you and your ilk. If you wish to contact the founder and head moderator and berate her for this, her username is kuchenhexe and you can email her at zannechaos at livejournal dot com. You can also contact her co-mod, whose user name is yuuo. Her email is yuuo at livejournal dot com. Your hate and flames are welcome, as they're both also Fandom_Wankers and have mastered the fine art of witty snark. Have a nice day.


Please note: These rules have changed as of October 27, 2009. Many of the original rules either had problematic wording, or simply did not work inside an internet-based anything, as has since been discovered by both the comm owner and her girlfriend, who is her co-mod.

1. Be respectful of beliefs and lifestyles which you may not personally agree with. We are here for healing and support, not to come under further attack. This rule may require you to do some research before posting on this community. Research won't hurt you, we promise.
   1a. As an addendum, please do not be surprised if someone who is part of the beliefs or lifestyles that you just so graciously shat upon gets upset at you. You are protected from having your beliefs attacked. You are not protected from consequences for acting like a douchebag.
   1b. If someone posts, saying they do not understand a certain set of beliefs, because as they have heard it, it sounds like something that has been used by religiously abusive people, and they request it be explained, this is not an attack. Simply asking to have it explained is not wrong.
   1c. However, if the wording of the request is rude, offensive, or implies the person may already have a negative opinion of it and isn't likely to change, no matter how you answer, feel free to contact a mod and otherwise ignore the question. Phrasing your prejudice as a request doesn't get you off the hook.

2. Be respectful when you give advice. If someone is in an unhealthy place for them, spiritually and emotionally, and on a path of self-harm, attacking or jumping on them, or even failing to remember basic manners will not help them any, and in fact, may only make the issue worse.
   2a. Do not take well-meant advice as a personal attack, and wait a time before responding if something angers you. If you witness a confrontation about to explode, please meditate calmly if you feel it is in your ability please see rule number 3.

3. Do not attempt to play moderator. If you are the one attacked, by all means, feel free to try to talk calmly to de-escalate the issue, but do not start quoting rules, threatening banhammers, or threatening to 'sic the mods on' anyone. We are not your personal attack dogs. If you cannot de-escalate the issue, or do not wish to bother doing so, simply stop replying and contact the mods. If you come to us with an issue, we will gladly deal with the situation as we see fit.
   3a. If you do not like how we deal with something, you are free to say something to us in a private method of contact, but if, upon appeal, our decision stands, that is final. If you don't like it at that point, you are free to leave.

4. Do not attempt to evangelize for any religion, including pagan beliefs and other faiths. Wounded souls are the most vulnerable, so refrain from undermining their faith further. Answering requests for more information and guidiance is not considered attempts at evangelizing. Neither is explaining your beliefs as context for an issue you are posting about.

5. This community is for healing from religious abuse. There are many results of religious abuse, some of which can also be caused by a variety of other things that may have happened in your life. If your issue is not related to religious abuse you have experienced, or is not related to religious abuse in general, do not post it. If your issue is caused in part by religious abuse, please make sure your posts in this community deal with those aspects. There are many other places you can go for assistance with the other things that contribute to the things you strugle with; please seek those places out for those issues. Think of this place like seeing a specialist; you wouldn't go to an orthopaedist for problems with your ears.

6. Do not disable, freeze, screen, or delete comments (including your own, unless you're just deleting and reposting to fix a minor error, like broken code). Don't delete your own posts or edit them to remove or alter the original text. If you believe something needs to be taken down, contact a moderator. Failure to obey this rule could possibly result in an instant ban. If you posted something that upset someone, or broke one of the above rules, let it stand. If you can't own up to it, then don't do it in the first place, or simply leave the community.

7. Do not make separate posts to reply to someone's post. Keep your comments to that post.

8. If your post is long, we require you to use an lj-cut. Here is the FAQ on how to use an lj-cut. This rule includes embedded videos and images.

Some of these rules should be simple internet common sense, such as the LJ cut, the comments rule, or the rule about editing your own posts. However, we have seen at least one of those issues occur, so obviously, these rules need to be added.

If you've read these rules and have no issues with following them, then please reply to the join post here, explaining a little bit about who you are and why you want to joint this comm, and hit 'join comm' at the top of this page.


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