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03 March 2008 @ 09:52 pm
To all of you who have suffered because of the direction this community has taken, my apologies.

I apologize greatly for my absence, and this WILL be remedied. I am now once again the sole maintainer of this community.

EDIT: I have appointed another co-mod, this time my girlfriend, yuuo, who I live with, who shares the same cable internet connection as I do, and who I have co-modded plenty of other communities with. She's going to help me bring things back into shape here.

Comments to this entry are screened. Please report problems that have arisen that you want me to investigate, and I will get to it. Right now, I'm in very much a "rocks fall, everyone dies" mood due to RL stress and aggravation, and my ban finger is very, very twitchy. I'll take care of things when I'm a little less likely to just go "You annoy me, bye" and smack people around for fighting in the sandbox.

Again, my apologies.

This bullshit won't happen again.
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09 February 2008 @ 03:18 pm
I was raised Jewish and Catholic, until my Jewish father converted to Catholicism and expected me to abandon the Jewish part of my identity along with him. I was forced to attend Catholic services and to be confirmed in the Church, even though I was starting to find the Church politically and religiously stifling. After leaving home, I settled on Quakerism as a religion I could deal with, but have always felt a connection to Judaism as well, because it became part of my identity early in life. Since then, I have felt out of place in both Christian and Jewish circles because I can't feel "completely" one or the other. I've even been quite harshly rejected, often by Jewish groups, because I can't be "part Jewish" and because traditional approaches to Judaism say that 1) I'm not Jewish because my mother wasn't, and 2) Judaism is the One Way and is incompatible with following any other religion, especially not Christianity.

When I saw the last post, my first response was to agree that praying for Jewish conversion is antisemitic, and that we should assume no group is inherently more whiny than the other, so when Jews say they're bothered by something, it should be taken seriously. I later also said that I didn't think ANY ethnic or religious group, including Christianity, was inherently special or kind, and explained that I didn't consider myself "special" as an ethnic Jew or as a Christian. This was in response to someone saying that the Jews he knew were nice to him; I wanted to point out that out-group members are often a lot nicer to you than in-group members, it's not something special about that group but in fact a result of the fact that NO group is special. It bothers me almost as much when someone says "Jews are nice" as when someone says "Jews are mean." Apparently this was enough for a moderator to accuse me of being a Dominionist in disguise, even though my profile suggests otherwise, even though I said that I didn't think Christianity was special, even though I explicitly denied it. Apparently only Dominionists think that no group is special.

How ironic is it that a comment, originally motivated by someone acting surprised that "outsiders" like Jews would be kinder to them than Christians, would lead to this. I learned from my life that my "own people," whatever they are, are not likely to be particularly kind to me. This includes Jews, Christians, and, apparently, even others who are recovering from religious abuse. There are Dominionists that have been kinder to me than this community.

Considering my original comment that people should take it seriously when a group gets offended by your behavior, it's also ironic that, when I complained that I (and most Jews) considered the concept of "essential Jewishness," when employed by non-Jews, antisemitic, I was ignored. And "schooled" on what it meant to be Jewish, by someone with only second-hand knowledge of the religion. Because apparently members of the Jewish community have no right to say what they consider offensive without being labeled the Enemy.

I have no safe spaces. I have no home. The conservative Jewish community ensured that, the Roman Catholic community ensured that, my own family ensured that, and now this community is as well.
17 January 2006 @ 04:03 pm
To those watching the comm, all posts are automatically friendlocked. If you would like to join, please read the userinfo, comment to the post in question, and click the join link.
04 January 2006 @ 02:50 pm
If you wish to join the community, please comment below with a little bit about how you found the community and why you would like to join. While not foolproof, it gives me some idea regarding who's being let into the comm and why. I'm very protective of our members, a dragon guarding a wounded flock. Rest assured I'll do all I can to keep this a safe and hurt-free environment.

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